Wheels 2 Water Long Island:
On Sunday, August 12, 2012, The Testaverde Fund held their annual Wheels 2 Water
surfing event at Long Beach, New York. This year’s event showcased one of the largest
turnouts ever for both surfers and supporters alike.

There were a total of twelve surfers who were given the opportunity to surf in Long Beach on that
beautiful summer Sunday. The waves were strong and chest high which made the surfing conditions great
for this event.

The event commenced at 10am, when volunteers helped the surfers down to the beach. There were
three beach chairs, supplied by Wheels 2 Water, which unlike standard wheelchairs, are able to move on
the sand and aide the surfers getting into the waves.

Thanks to the enormous support of the volunteers, getting all twelve surfers in and out of the water
was seamless. Their efforts made it possible for the surfers to get an ample amount of surfing time,
both before and after lunch.

Once again, the Wheels 2 Water Long Island surfing event demonstrates the tremendous camaraderie of
the surfers, volunteers, and everyone involved in this organization. Special thanks goes to the City of
Long Beach, along with the beach lifeguards and staff, who made the venue perfect for our event.
Our second 2012 Wheels 2 Water event is happening on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at Lido West
Beach. For more information on participating as a surfer or volunteer, please contact Anthony at 516-729-
1061 or Ed at 516-316-6595. For other inquiries about The Testaverde Fund, please call 516-221-WALK